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Sacraments of Initiation


If your child has already been baptized, please make sure a copy of the Baptismal Certificate is given to the school office prior to your child entering 2nd grade.

​If your child has not been baptized by the time they enter the 2nd grade and you wish for them to make the Sacrament of First Holy Communion you may do one of the following:

  • Make arrangements in the Parish Office to have your child baptized at a special Mass

  • Make arrangements with Father Stan to have your child baptized at a School Mass - these are held on Thursdays at 8:15 AM during the school year

  • OR Make arrangements with Father Stan to have your child baptized at a Family Mass - these are held on Sundays at 10:30 AM during the school year

First Communion

First Holy Communion is very important occasion in a Catholic child's life and at OLS we ensure that the children understand the importance behind it. They will learn about the Last Supper and the Consecration. The children practice multiple times before receiving their First Eucharist to make sure they know what is being done.

There is a STRICT dress code for First Communion (pictures shown for example).


  • White or light colored dress

  • Veil or tiara

  • NO gloves or purses

  • Black or white dress shoes with no more than a 1 inch heal

  • White dress socks or tights


  • Dress pants - black or navy blue

  • Dress shirt

  • Tie

  • Dress shoes (NO gym shoes)

  • Suit jacket, blazer, or vest is OPTIONAL

  • NO hats


*Required Paperwork*
-Letter of request to Fr. Stan
-Sponsor Form

In class in order to prepare for Confirmation we are focus on what the sacrament means to us and the history of how the church was founded. We start with the Acts of the Apostles and the beginning of the church. From there we start to transition into church history and how the church has changed and grown since then. After we learn the history we start to focus on the sacrament itself and how they are going to choose for themselves to be “an adult” in the church’s eyes. We start with looking at saint names and deciding which saint name we will taking. We also focus on choosing a sponsor, someone who will help guide us and be there for us throughout this process. We then take a deep dive into the gifts of the Holy Spirit and focus on the sacrament itself. The students receive Confirmation in May of their 8th grade year. 

Sacraments of Healing


First Reconciliation is celebrated in the middle of 2nd grade. The students learn the 10 Commandments, the difference between Mortal and Venial Sin and well as what the true meaning of confession is. First Reconciliation is done during the school day. The students are allowed to be out of uniform that day but are ask to wear Church appropriate clothing. No jeans, t-shirts, gym shoes, leggings or other tight clothing.

​We have a confessor available every Saturday from 4 PM to 4:45 PM. If you wish to speak with one of our clergy for counseling outside this time, please call the Parish Office.

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