Principal Welcome

Welcome! Bienvenido!

I am Eileen Sheedy, principal at Our Lady of the Snows Parish School.

It is my duty as your principal to ensure all students are receiving the best education and opportunities. We have a dedicated staff full of teachers who are motivated to assure student success.

My motto is very simple: work hard, play hard. I believe that students who do their very best and work hard in and outside of the classroom deserve recognition and incentives. As your principal, I am your cheerleader to push you towards reaching your goals.

Not only do I believe in working hard academically, but also I believe in working hard to be a disciple of Christ. As our school mantra states, “We are disciples with hope to bring,” our beliefs are to follow Christ’s path and to believe in the Gospel. I work closely with our pastor Fr. Stan and our teachers to be our students’ faith-filled guide through the school year.

My beliefs as a leader include:


  • God in all things....We are children of God, and we treat each other as children of God.

  • God calls us by name to be disciples of Christ for others...We help others and stick up for one another; we are called to be people of service and mercy. 

  • We are a family in Christ...We relate to each other as a family. We speak with respect, and we love one another. A collaborative effort among students, teachers, and parents/guardians is of utmost important for student success and happiness.

  • Learning is sacred work....We arrive to school on time, prepared to work to our fullest potential.

  • Love drives learning...All students can learn and will learn when known, cared for, and loved. 

  • Education is a means for creating a better world...With a faith-filled education, comes more opportunities → comes more compassion → comes a better world for our future generations.

~It is my mission to create a culture of Christ-centered joy in our school, while leading our teachers in providing academic rigor to our students.~ However, I cannot see this mission through alone. With the collaborative efforts of teachers, students, and families, this mission will be successful. 

As your leader, I am asking you to be a part of the joyous atmosphere we’ve created for our students and teachers. Please join us at Our Lady of the Snows in celebrating our faith and following our root beliefs as a Catholic School. 

**We still have open seats in our Preschool-Grade 8, along with incentives for new families and incentives for families who recruit a new family to our school! Contact the school office to learn more!**

Peace be with you all!
Eileen Sheedy